Fall Cocktail Party

Our annual Fall Cocktail Party will be Saturday, September 7th. This is a wonderful way to kick off our new Garden Club season. Share stories about your garden successes and failures over the past summer and learn more details about the theme for this year. Bring your spouse or significant other to meet the Garden Club members they have heard so much about. Beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Members are asked to bring appetizers or dessert to share.

Please check your email for more detail including RSVP.

Time to Hostess!

Our program directors have put together a wonderful schedule for the upcoming year. Now it’s time to make each event special by volunteering to hostess at one of the events. Members typically hostess at one event every other year and it is always fun!

Check your email to access the sign up sheet!

From Black Earth Compost – Skip the Straw!

If you’ve heard about the “Skip the Straw” movement then you know how bad single-use plastic is for the environment!

We wanted to offer a refreshing alternative to plastic for your summer drinks with locally-made glass straws. Not only do plastic straws pollute our oceans and bodies, but they also pollute our compost here at Black Earth.
(Earth will be thankful for your switch, but so will our team down at the compost site sifting through finished compost). 

The straws are durable enough to withstand falls onto the wooden floor
(not in the hands of a toddler throwing them onto cement, but a cell phone screen would’t either).
Another perk to these glass straws is the lack of disintegrating paper in your mouth from cardboard straws or metallic taste via metal straws.

Get trendy with these green tinted glass straws that are hand-crafted by The Witch Dr. in Salem, MA. They stand 10″ tall and come in packs of 6 with a pipe cleaner. You can purchase them on our Black Earth Compost store, but they will be mailed via The Witch Dr., not delivered by us.

As part of our mission and who we are, we support local artists and businesses!

Environmental Awareness

We nurture our gardens to create beauty and a sense of being in sync with nature. In recent years there has been concern about the noise generated by 2 stroke gas powered leaf blowers while gardening. Many are of the opinion that quieter methods such as electric leaf blowers, rakes, and brooms are readily available, making the gas powered leaf blowers unnecessary.

Jamie Banks, the Executive Director of Quiet Communities in Lincoln MA will be presenting findings of a study in noise pollution to our town leaders in September to raise awareness on this issue for discussion at the town meeting in May.

For more information go to https://www.quietcommunities.org/