Welcoming Native Plants and Insects to your Garden

Join us on March 10th, 7pm at Abbot Library

Driftwood’s March Event has practical and interesting advice as we get ready for Spring!

Rebecca Warner, a home gardener in Newton, will talk about the best reasons to grow native plants which provide food and habitat for native insects in our gardens. This talk describes choosing beautiful plants to attract beneficial insects and pollinators, explains how you can strike the right balance of insects for your garden, and reveals some truths about native plants — the good citizens and the thugs. It closes with some garden maintenance tricks to make your yard more hospitable to the right insects.

Rebecca has thirty years’ experience working toward a sustainable garden. Her book, The Sustainable-Enough Garden, is the story of her quest to make a beautiful garden that’s environmentally friendly. In the last eight years she has overhauled her garden practices, from composting to mulching, lawn care to irrigation. She blogs weekly at


Rebecca has shared 5 handouts which you can download and/or print for your convenience. Even if you can’t join us on March 10th you can be part of the conversation with this information at your fingertips.

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