Floral Arranging 101…

The Driftwood Garden Club of Marblehead’s March ’23 meeting offered a hands-on Spring Floral Arrangement Workshop led by our own Susan McMullen. Susan (along with other DGC members Laurie Boggis and Ginny von Rueden) regularly contributes artistic arrangements to adorn the historic Jeremiah Lee Mansion.

Susan started us off with tips on proper preparation of the oasis foam and plant material. Our greenery consisted of the contrasting textures of soft Asparagus Fern and the smooth leaves of Ruscus.

And now we add flowers! Keeping to the Rule of Three, our flowers consisted of the contrasting shapes and textures of purple Veronica, coral Spray Roses, and yellow Solidago.

Here’s creative magic at its best. All participants started with the same materials, but every finished arrangement is unique!

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