Art in Bloom 2023.

Art in Bloom is the Museum of Fine Art’s signature spring event highlighting the interpretive floral arrangements of 45 different art works.

Driftwood Garden Club members Ginny von Rueden and Laurie Boggis were assigned to interpret the large marble sculpture ‘Orpheus and Cerberus’ by American artist Thomas Crawford. Crafted in 1843, this statue reflects the 19th century fascination with the classical mythology of ancient Greece and Rome. According to the legend, Orpheus rushes to the Underworld to rescue his wife Eurydice, and lulls the three-headed dog Cerberus to sleep.

Like the sculpture, the floral arrangement displays movement from every viewpoint. The arrangement tells the story of love, loss, and mourning, using plant material representing different parts of the statue.

Ginny and Laurie chose plant material according to the language of flowers:

  • White roses symbolize love and loyalty.
  • Carnations signify purity and also Orpheus’ head of hair.
  • Ruscus mimics the laurel wreath on his head.
  • Orchids denote eternal love and also the curving shape of his arms.
  • Dusty Miller mimics the dog’s fur and gray tones in the marble.
  • Fantail Willow branches indicate the shape of the lyre and the importance of music in the story.
  • Sago Palm branches represent the classical theme of the tale.

Members of the Driftwood Garden Club enjoyed a guided tour of floral arrangements created by many other garden clubs. We were fortunate to have two knowledgeable guides: one was an expert in the chosen piece of art, and the other was an expert in floral design.

Some other favorite pieces include:

Congratulations to fellow DGC members Laurie Boggis and Ginny von Rueden on their 2023 Arts in Bloom floral masterpiece.  Brava!

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