Driftwood Garden Club 2023 Plant Sale

Thank You to all our gardening friends and the north shore gardening community for supporting the 2023 Driftwood Garden Club plant sale, making it our most successful sale ever!

It takes a village to orchestrate this event. We are grateful for the plant contributions dug from our host gardens, and appreciate all the ‘man hours’ of our fabulous DGC members!  A shout-out to Louise Moore at Every Little Breeze catering for keeping us caffeinated, to Discover Marblehead’s Spring Celebration, and to Marblehead Gardens for the luscious annuals.

We had over 1,300 plants representing 100 varieties. May all your new plants bloom and thrive in their new homes.

See you next year!  And yes, ‘You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Garden!’

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